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  1930 and prior
9/23/1938 Looking for Mother's family that might still be alive: Thomas, James Murry and Robert McLendon.
2/1/1939 Male born? possibly Rock Hill or Charleston - St Phillips Hospital? - named Billy - removed from birth mother he believes in Charleston around 5 years of age by a Priest Vincent G Scharff  - priest took him by train to NY - Baptized on 4-1-1939 at  St Ann Rock Hill Adoption never finalized.
1940 Births 1940's
7/27/1945 ISO birth siblings.  Born in VA adopted in SC.  BM signed letter 8/11/45 Mary F. Murray in which she made mention of baby sister just ten months old at the time I was born.  Woman she gave me to was staying in a room above Claussen's Bakery in Jan of 1946.  Her husband worked for the ACLRailroad (transitive). She gave me to a 3rd party and apparently left town leaving a c/o addy of F.S. Exley in Rocky Mt, NC, however mail was returned 'unclaimed' when she was contacted in 1951.  Looking for the '10-month old sister'..she would be about 64 or 65 now...and probably doesn't know I exist.
12/08/1946 Male born in Charleston ,S.C.Birth name Dwight Alonzo Kilgore.  I was adopted by Edwin and Lona Duke.  I have A birth Cert.(copy)for Dwight Duke,  dated 02/11/1947.It is signed by Loyd Fleming/Clerk of court-Charleston County. I need a certified copy for my records.  Problem is Columbia ,S.C./Vital Records can't locate Records for Dwight Duke.

attempting to locate someone that I might be related to. I believe that I was adopted in Anderson through St. Mary's by a Dr. C.S. Breedin ( his name on my birth certificate. I realize it has been a long time and probably a lot of people would have passed included the parents that I grew up with. If anyone has any information about this I would appreciate speaking with you. I am not looking for a reunion or forcing this in anyway. I am just curious about any family. Thank You

5/25/1947 Reunited Female twins, Birth Family is searching for these ladies. Birth Mother is alive and living in nursing home in Ohio, Twins have 1/2 brother and two 1/2 sisters. Birth family is registered with the DSS registry    so my twin sisters, born in Bowman, SC, 5-25-46, given for adoption at age 18 months-may be adopted by a family in North Carolina. Birth names Zetta Ann Fowler and Zelia Mae Fowler
4/19/1948 Male born in SC before 4/19/1948 adopted in Massachusetts attorney's name was Charles D Campbell adopted to nurse and doctor  
11/25/1948 male born S.C. searching for birth parents
7/21/1949 Female - Catholic Charities Charleston South Carolina, Rock Hill adoption in June, 1950. Would like to know if birth parents/siblings are still living.
8/7/1949 searching for my birth family. there last name was amell. they  were from the Charleston SC  area. my mom was married to a il Rhodes, a Pattenaude, and Withlock
 1950 Births 1950's
3/7/1950 Male Charleston SC - Searching for Birth Mother/Birth Family - Private Adoption - finalized in Charleston 3/11/1950 - Possibly Hicks Clinic - Baby/ McCaysville Ga
3/25/1950 Male - born in Florence
9/9/1950 Adopted in Spartanburg - born in Charleston - birth mother was a nursing student in Charleston and father a prominent businessman in Charleston.  Maternal aunt had a harelip. 
1952 looking for sister born in Charleston SC she was given to friends of the family/her birth mon lived on Wapoo road in Charleston and she was given to friends of the family. I am about to give up . this is so depressing
1952/1953 looking for female born in Walterboro Hospital, Walterboro, SC   Birth mother's name: "Libby" Glover. Birth father's name:  Charles Stephens ("Man"). She was adopted by an older couple in Summerville, SC. Any information would be appreciated.

Adopted from The South Carolina Children's Bureau in Columbia, South Carolina, August 7, 1952. Born March 18, 1952, somewhere in that area I think. That is the only information I have.

9/26/1953 Kathy looking for b/m Betty Lou Davis - Florence Crittenton Home in Charleston
1/31/1954 looking for birth parents or siblings,  I'm a male,  adopted at birth,  or there after,  my birth cert.  states 1-31-1954.we lived in Cayce,S.C. and i assume adopted in Columbia,S.C., I have hazel colored eyes,  and my natural hair color was auburn .I'm not in search of, to disrupt anyone's life,  just would like to fill this void in my life by knowing who i am.  all my adopted family are deceased.
2/02/1954 Female -  Greenville General Hospital, Greenville, SC. BMother name could be a Nina Lois Mauldin - BFather could be a Paul Gregory. 
12/23/1954 Female Adoptee Searching
1/16/1955 Columbia (Richland Memorial?) Hospital. Delivered by Dr. Pope and adopted through atty. R.K.Wise. Looking for birth family. I am turning fifty this week and have been looking for 20 years.
March to July 1955 Siblings in search:  We are looking for our half sister whom we believe was born in Charleston, SC between March and July of 1955.  Birth Mothers name was Mary Edna Long. She was 16 at the time of birth.  Also your birth name may have been Anita Kay.  Not sure about birth father except he was in the military.  Maybe the Air Force. You have 3 brothers and 3 sisters that have been looking for you over 10 years
7/7/1955 Female - I was born July 5, 1955 at St. Frances Hospital in Charleston SC my birth mothers first name was Mary, My adopted parents are Robert and Mary Wilburn.  I would like information about my adopted family. 
8/11/1955 male, birth name glen cash. his and my mother, at the time of his birth, name was Camellia cash. she was 13 yrs old. pregnancy due to unusual circumstances. she stayed at the Florence Crittenton home in savannah Ga. he is my, and my brother and sisters half brother. we would very much love to find him. we didn't know of his existence until a year or so ago. my name is Angle and I always felt I had a big brother and come to find out, I do. ANGIE
8/23/1956 Looking for birth father who would have known BM around Thanksgiving 1955.  BM was English woman named Dorothy Bowlar Johnson who lived for short time in Spartanburg/Startex area.  BF could have been from this area or from Columbia at state hospital. I was born in Columbia state hospital and named Sandra Jernigan Johnson in 1956 (not my name now). I probably went to foster home for short time. BM eventually moved back to England but I found her and got to meet her before she passed away in 1990.  She was so glad I got in touch with her.  My adoptive parents were very supportive of my search (was in my twenties then).  So, I know there's hope for all of you searchers.  Don't give up. Reading all the posts makes me want to cry.  We can all relate to one another in some way.  If anyone knows of my BM or who the father could possibly have been, please let me know.  My mother told me the wrong person was my BF. 
Thank yo
9/7/1956 Adoptee searching for  birth mother Carroll Christine Murpthy. I was born at university hospital in augusta,ga . Not sure of her actuall home town. My only info i have is a document from lawyer stating her name and that birth father abandon her prior to my birth. Birth Name was Phyllis.
9/19/1956 Tuomey hospital. went to orphanage in Columbia was there for about three months a family in myrtle beach adopted me. I am sick and need to find anyone who might know my family. 
11/3/1957  Male born   Spartanburg SC
06/28/1958 Female 06-28-58 Charlotte,NC but adopted in Columbia, SC by Charleston SC couple.
09/10/1958 Male - Charleston - BM at Florence Crittendon Home - 2 names  indicated on papers "William David" and "Baby Kenneth"
9/19/1958 African American female born December 19, 1958, given name Linda by birthmother; changed after adoption which took place June of 1959 finalized. Brother named Tony born 1957. Mother has 5 children plus this last child made 6. Born in South Carolina and doctor was an intern/ Dr. Worell from Wagner, SC.
9/27/1958 Searching for birth mother. Mother was a student at Columbia College.  Private adoption from Providence Hospital.
4/16/1959 male/ Charleston SC, am searching for birthmom and or siblings. Bmom stayed at Florence Crittenton Home during pregnancy and was 16 years old at time of birth. I have been searching for quite some time
6/25/1959 male/ Englefield SC
9/18/1959 M, Buncombe County, NC place of birth

Separated at birth identical twin girls.  Met her in Jefferson's Dept Store when we were 12, summer of 1971.  We were trying on clothes and my mother mistook her for me.  Our mother's separated us before could get contact info from one another.  I am thinking maybe my twin sister was never told of the adoption, but still remembers meeting me.  I would love to find you.

1960 Births 1960's
 1960 Spring/Summer 1960  - looking for female born in Greenville, SC and at age 2 adopted and moved to Florida.
3/24/1960 searching for bmother. She was 16 years old. I was born at Divine Savior Hospital in York, SC. contact

hi i am looking for my birth mother i was born in Marlboro County hospital in may1960. I cannot get the info cause i had a closed adoption Don't have a father listed on my certificate original and i cannot get my birth moms name.any info will be appreciated.

7/28/1960 Female - born in Greenville
1/15/1961 Male - born in Columbia - Old Columbia Hospital  My Great Aunt - Margaret Ledingham worked at the hospital and feel she may have been connected with the adoption  - feel somthing in my life is missing.
8/23/1960  I'm BF born August 23, 1960 looking for birth mother. I was born in Charleston,SC Medical College Hospital.
2/??/1961 female born in Columbia SC.  I am looking for little girl born in Columbia, SC in Feb 1961.  I am not sure what date.  My mother stayed at the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School while pregnant.  I believe the adoption was handled by SCDSS.
6/8/1961 Female Florence SC
11/10/1961 Female born in Baptist Hospital, Columbia SC
12/8/1961 My birth certificate indicates I was born in Miami Beach Florida but my adoption was finalized when I was a year old in South Carolina. Does anyone know why this would be??
12/12/1961 I was born on December 12th, 1961. My birth mother is not listed on my birth certificate. I was born at Fort Jackson  at the U. S. Army Hospital. My birth name was Tammy. I also know that my mother was deaf and around 17 or 18 years of age. She was a petite blonde weighing approx. 115 pounds. I would really like to find her if possible. She has two grandchildren and a great grandchild now. I just want to let her know that turned out just fine.
12/28/1961 Recently found out I have a sister SOMEWHERE... four years younger then me.   The only information i have is that she was born in 1961 on Dec. 28th at Womens Hospital (that seems to no longer exist....) in Charleston, S.C.  Mothers name was listed as Jeanne La Crosse (though legal name was Jeanne Meyers) and fathers name Cliff La Crosse, Saynor Wis.  I hope that she has been searching/is for her birth family...for she has been in my heart the moment i found out.
1/12/1962 Male Adoptee Born at (then) Columbia Hospital.  In search of birth parents and/or siblings.  Robert K. Wise was the attorney who handled my (private) adoption.  He is now deceased.  The physician was Dr. Pope.

Searching for birth mother, Bertha around 15 yrs. old at the time of my birth. I was born on February 2,1962 in Cannon Memorial Hospital in Pckens, SC.


I am in search for my Birth Mother and Father, and any siblings that I may have.  I was born in Richland County, South Carolina, near Columbia.  I stayed in a home until I was 4 years of age.  A social worker by the name of Mrs Brown took me to my new home.  If anyone know of a foster home that had me there and know who my mother or father is please contact me.  My mother was in a foster home and had me at 15 or 16 years of age.  My father was some kin to the foster mother if I am not mistaken. 


Adoptee looking for any biological family. Adopted out of Charleston SC at about 6 weeks old. Female DOB 4/29/62. Adopted family lived and raised my mother (one adopted) in Easley SC. Any information would be appreciated.

6/?/1962 looking for girl born June ,1962, in Charleston, Sc. Mom at FCH
7/5/1962 F/ Columbia

Female born at FCH on 8-8-1962. Birth Mother's name may be Donna.  She was in service and lived with an Aunt on one of the Islands off Charleston while pregnant. I want her to know she did the right thing by putting me up for adoption.  I want to meet her and be a part of her life.

1/6/1963 BM Searching -  Baptist Medical Center at around 1:26 pm   to a girl who was delivered by Manly Hutchinson. When I went to my follow up after 6 weeks I asked Dr. Hutchinson if he knew her name and I think he said her name was Betsy, but I was still medicated on tranquilizers so I am not absolute on the name. If you are out there searching you need to know that you have two sisters now, and you are thought about every day from me and your two sisters who want to meet you very much. The attorney who represented the adoption was a complete jerk and he controlled everything about this adoption including keeping me doped up at the time of the signing of adoption papers. I only remember his first name as being John. But he practiced family law
2/22/1963 M/Greenville SC/Born at Greenville General/ looking for birth parents
3/13/1963 male Spartanburg SC am looking for birth mother. was 3 or4 months old at time of adoption first name was Carl. father was a truck driver

Female searching for birth mother.  Born at 7:51am at the Charleston Medical College Hospital (MUSC)in Charleston, SC.

4/24/1963 looking for birth son born in Charleston SC on April 24, 1963.
I was told you were named David Louis (last name unknown, however it could have been Koons, Burnip, or Myers and adopted, without my consent, through Catholic Charities by a physician and his wife.
Your birth mother and I have been trying to locate you since the late 70s/early 80s without any luck. Your birth mother just passed away so I thought I should renew our effort.  If you have any interest, please respond.
7/19/1963 male Looking for son I was forced to give up to adoption by my parents Baby was a son born July 19, 1963.  I heard son was adopted by a religious family in the lower part of South Carolina. Baby was adopted as soon as he was born.  I would like to establish a relationship
7/21/1963 Looking for birth parents. Born 07/21/1963 in
Greenville, SC. Called "baby Jake" by the state. Mother was
16 and father was 17. Might have been from the Charleston
area. Grandparents might have worked for the railroad/sewing
room. Just trying to find out more information about myself
and any siblings. If they read this please understand there
are no hard feelings and thank you for brave decision.
9/15/1963 looking for sibling that was adopted from Charleston s.c. (Roper Hospital). was put up for adoption at birth dr. wilson & fingers. known as baby Welch.
9/18/1963 I have been told my birth Mother was named Dorothy Williams and that I have a brother Johnny or John and sister Reva or Rebba. I was born at Greenville General Hospital.    Reunited
12/13/1963 I am a male adoptee and looking for my birthmom. I was born at MUSC in Charleston S.C. My birthday is 12-13-63. My birthmom was at Florence Crittenton Home in Charleston   If anyone can help please
1964? Looking for male born 1964 or 1966 probably in April at Spartanburg General Hospital - Birth Mother's maiden name is Thompson
1/1/1964 Female Charleston Medical College of Charleston -Birth Mom in Florence Crittendon Home in Charleston.  Birth Mother searching for daughter. 
2/26/1964 M Charleston, SC Medical College Hospital Looking for Birth mother
5/9/1964 Female - Greenville General Hospital. Compass of Carolina was the agency - birth father worked in textiles and has several sibs. Mother and father did not marry.
5/30/1964 Male Charleston - Mother resident of Florence Crittenton home. Mother's name Katheryn S. Bell. Son's birth name James Michael Bell. Birth weight 4 pounds and 10 ounces. Date of birth may be off by month. May be 4/30/64. Mother was 19 at birth. Adoptee trying to find birth mother

I'm now 48 and have been searching for my birth mom since I was 20. I wish I could find my birth family. It makes it hard when records are sealed and you have a twin and not know where she is buried. I have no medical records and makes it tough. Never have I ever hated my birth mom just wish I could find her. I have tried so many avenues with no avail. My Adopted family is now deceased along with my adopted brother. I think it stinks that the records are sealed but I can understand why. I just wish if I do have a family that has been searching for me, I also have been searching for so many years. Just want to tell my family oneday I might find you and hope you are still around. Love to ya'll. Baby Melinda, SC

7/21/1964 MUSC in Charleston. BM at Florence Crittenton home. looking desperately for years. was told she went to nursing school after she had me. did not get adopted until 12-22-64. birth name Donna Marie. any information will help-even bm's who may have been at the home at the time she was there. email me
7/28/1964 My name is Karen/born 7-28-64 in Charleston, SC  in search of birth parents
09/27/1964 M/Florence/503 E Sumter St by Midwife Robert A Greene in the home at 11:30 AM/  Birthmother name: Alain Johnson Age 18 Birthfather: Jerry Mikeical Johnson  
10/26/1964 M Spartanburg. Looking for birth family. I was given up for adoption right after birth. was final on 12/23/1964...Please if you know any one or anything about my birth parents please contact me
1965 Male Charleston  SC Robert H Wallace. I am looking for Birth Parents. I have no names, my parents were in the military. Dad was a pilot. We moved to Oklahoma when I was 10 days old. Please help. 
1/25/1965 Only info I have is birthmother was 16 yrs old at time of my birth and I was born in Richland city SC (Columbia)
Reunited  Not sure of actual day  Born in Columbia,SC(Richalnd Memorial). Delivering doctor was J.D.Bunch, Jr. He also delivered previous child born to mom. The adoptions were handled through SCDSS in Columbia,SC. Mother stayed at Mattie Derrick home until birth(which was not by choice).If u r a female born anywhere around this time and place,please email
4/16/1965 I am searching for birth parents.  Born in Charleston, SC @ Medical College Hopsital.  My birth mom stayed at the Florence Crittenton Home in Charleston, SC
4/17/1965 Searching for Bmom or any birthfamily. Was adopted through Children and Family Services of Greenville County.  Bmom was 29 with 5 other children at the time.  Was born in Greenville, SC.
6/22/1965 male
9/25/1965 am an adoptee born 09/25/65 in Charleston, SC at Roper Hospital, in search of birthmom. I was born baby girl DePue
10/1/1965 Baby girl Fogle, Providence Hospital, Columbia, SC. Looking for any birth family.
10/12/1965 Female born in Greenville SC at St Francis Hospital, Dr Gould attended.  Catholic Charities facilitated the adoption. I would love to know more about my background, especially health issues - need to find birth parents!  I would also like to hear from others who may have been born in Greenville, that hospital or was adopted through Catholic Charities. 
10/25/1965 I was born at Medical College Hospital Charleston SC 10-26-65
I am a Male
And would like to find my birthparents

I would like to locate BM, BF and any siblings. I was born in Greenville, SC 12/19/65. BM is African American, BF is "other" I was adopted out in the arly year of 1968. BM was between age of 15-18 at time of birth.

0r 1/2/1966
BM searching for male born at Allen Bennett hospital - Greer, SC adopted mother may have been a nurse adopted name might have been Michael - adopted mother may have been Geri Howell
2/2/1966 "Baby Vincent" searching for BM or BF. born Crawford Long hospital in Atlanta. Children's Bureau of Columbia SC handled male adoption. BM resided @ Florence Crittenton home in Atlanta. BF a student at a university in NC during pregnancy and birth. BM musically gifted and started college in Georgia after adoption. Need medical history. Baby Vincent loves his BM and BF and  was raised in church per BM request. Prays to be reunited.
4/5/1966 Greenville SC, M, birth mother Mary Katherine Ledford. Ive got siblings, where ??? Birth Mother Lived near Holmes Theological College in Greenville where my adoptive parents were attending and graduated. Contact Christopher.
4/19/1966 I am trying to find my husband's birth family.
He was born in Charelston,SC and was adopted in spartanburg s.c. sometime between 1969 to 1972 to an older couple living in Converse,s.c. if anyone has information please contact
7/19/1966 baby girl born Greer, SC at Allen Bennett Hospital on 7/19/66. Mother was in nursing school in Greenville. She was 18, blonde and blue eyes, intelligent
7/19/1966 baby girl born 7/19/66 in Allen Bennett Hospital in Greer, SC to 18 yr. old mother, blonde hair and blue eyes, nursing student, contact A Brickle, Orangeburg
7/19/1966 Born 7/19/66 Allan Bennett Hospital Greer, baby girl, mother was in Nursing School
7/2/1966 m Lancaster, SC..born 10:56 am....looking for birth family....adoption final in Sumter.....if you have any info please e-mail me
12/04/1966 white female, in Charleston SC,adopted at 6 months by family, living in Greenville SC,through Children's Bureau Of South Carolina, Looking for Birth mom
1966/1967 Looking for 2 half sisters born to birth father
Steve J. Matthews. Janie Elizabeth and Sabrina born to different mothers. Janie was born up north in 1966 or 1967.  Sabrina born in South Carolina in 1970-1972. My birth mother is Linda Mahaffey in Simpsonville, SC same as Steve. Steve was in the Army. I was born in 1969 in Charleston, SC.  Please contact me if you think you have any info for me. Thanks Tami
1967 I am trying to find my birthmother and any family member that may be out there. I was born in Baltimore, MD in 1967 at john Hopkins medical center. my biological mother was or is allergic to silver jewelry and was very young. I was adopted out of S C when I was 3 years old. if any of this sounds familiar please
1/22/1967 Female - Charleston SC - MUSC  - last name may have been Taylor.  May have had two brothers
 1/24/1967 male
1/31/1967 Male searching for birth family born at Medical College Hospital in Charleston,SC 1-31-67. Doctor listed on Certificate Of Live Birth is James A McCord M.D. Spouse was adopted about 5 months later through the Children's Bureau of SC. Does any of this sound familiar?
2/20/1967 Female 2/20/1967 Roper Hospital Charleston South Carolina. Adoption Handled by Private Attorney. Searching for birth family
6/3/1967 male Charleston medical university of Charleston adopted out of Columbia sc to nice family in Greenville spouse searching for medical information.
3/5/1967 Female - Charleston  searching for my birth mother.i was born march 5, 1967 and she gave me the name veronica lynn. according to my non identifying papers my birth father was killed in vietnam in 1968. i was born at the medical college hospital in charleston, sc.
6/7/1967 BF/born Charleston SC /BM's name Cassandra
My name is julie anne laney, I am looking for my father richard Laney FROM SOUTH CAROLINA AND HE IS POSSIBLY LIVING IN NORTH OR SOUTH CAROILINA. My fathers birthday maybe 01/29/1939. I was told that he might be living with his sister.
I was born in detroit michigan at Harper Hospital. My father was married to my mother in the early sixties her name was Ida mae Laney
Thank you for all your help if you know my father will you let him know I am looking
10/28/1967 Adoptee in search of birth family. Given name: Jennifer Lynne, born Oct. 28, 1967 in Savannah, GA, adopted through SC Children's services
11/27/1967 male adoptee born in Columbia Hospital, Columbia, S.C. birth mother was 19 at the time. Would like to know more  if anyone has info.
1/5/1968 Female/Medical College Hospital, Charleston,SC
Birthmother DOB 02-29-44/Entered Florence Crittenton Home October,1967 Birthmother named me "Deanna Lee" Birthmother 1 of 9 children
Looking for birth mother.  Birthmother stayed at a home for unwed mothers in Savannah, GA.  I was born Feb. 3, 1968 in Savannah.  Was adopted from the SC Dept of Social Services in Columbia, SC., two months later.
3/9/1968  Male - Born March 9th,1968 Medical College Hospital Cahrleston S.C. -   adopted through Catholic Charities - grew up in Colombia~ ANY INFORMATION NO MATTER HOW SMALL would be appreciated
 7/31/1968 Male born in Gastonia, NC-We think BM is from SC. BM 24/25, strawberry blonde hair, gray/green eyes, 5' 2" and 98 lbs. Previous child on 01/62 and another born 11/70. 62 baby stayed with his father when they divorced. BM kept girl born 70. BM father killed in train accident when he was about 30 years old. Adoption done through Gaston County Dept of Social Services.
8/8/1968 looking for birth mother.  was born 8-8-68 in Columbia.  Dr J. D. Bunch, Jr  delivered me.  i was given the name baby Harriett.  my mother was fifteen at the time of my birth.  i had brown hair and dark brown eyes.  if you know who this might be please help.
8/11/1968 Adoptee: Baby girl, brown hair, big brown eyes - Born August 11, 1968 at Allen Bennett Memorial Hospital in Greer, South Carolina.
8/15/1968 I was born 8-15-68, 7:42pm (on certificate) says I was  born in Greenville, SC. I was named "Baby Lyn".It was not a private adoption. Dr. Heywood Hudson's name is also on certificate.
8/27/1968 Male born in Greenville, SC, adopted approx. 3 months later. Possibly named "Van" by BM. I have blond hair, blue eyes. Looking for my birth mother.
9/6/1968 Male - Charleston - Roper Hospital - - Private Adoption
Have a card in my Baby Book from a Lois Galloway
10/2?/1968 Birth Mother searching for a female child born in Charleston, SC, October twenty-something, in 1968.  Her birth name was Helen Elizabeth Fabriguze and was given up for adoption.  I have other children who have shown interest in finding their oldest sister.

I am a male born in Charleston S.C. at the Charleston Naval Hospital.  I am in search of my birth family.  I have limited information on my birth mother.  I know her name at my birth was Judy W.....    I know that she was in the U.S. Navy in the late 60's.  I believe she would be in her late 60's or early 70's.  I don't have any information on my birth father.

1969 am looking for a half-brother born 1969/1970 in Columbia S.C. at Baptist hospital. The adoption attorney was Ronald or Donald Aaron.
1/9/1969 F Lancaster, SC Looking for bf and/or medical history, Thanks
2/?/1969 We are looking for my half brother.  My mother gave him up for adoption in 1969 out of Charleston S.C.  She was 20 yrs. old and her name was Carol Downing at the time of adoption.  She named him Jason Todd Downing.  We are not sure what the adopted name was.  He was born in Feb.
3/28/1969 "Baby Lee" Charleston,S.C. Birth name Michael Christopher bmothers' maiden name Willis
7/25/1969 am searching for my half brother, born Robert Bruce. He was born July 25 1969 at MUSC in Charleston birth name Robert Bruce  I think the adoption agency was called Children's Services. Please e-mail
8/11/1969 Birthmother in search of son born August 11, 1969 at Medical College of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. Name given at birth, Jeffrey Christopher Ferguson. Would love to know that you are well and happy and to meet you - your birth father and I are here to answer any and all questions. Your mother has always loved you!
11/7/1969 female, born in Charleston SC looking for birth parents.
10/13/1969 Columbia (Richland Memorial) SC Female Baby Pamela. I am searching for any of my sister's birth family she is having some medical problems and we need her history. please email with any info
12/6/1969 Female - I was born in Savannah GA, December 6th, 1969.  Searching for birth parents
12/18/1969 female born on 12/18/1969 at Spartanburg General at 4:10am my name then was baby Mary I was told that I also have a brother too.
12/20/1969 Born BABY BOY RADFORD 12/20/1969 Charleston, SC Birth Mother and Birth Sister Searching. Please contact
1970 Births   1970's
197? I am searching for a half sister. I have limited information. Her birth name is Maureen Elizabeth. I assume she was born in the early 1970's, I believe my mother said in May. I have reason to believe she was born in Charleston, or Florence, but exact location is unclear. My mother was young, and got pregnant by a married man.
1970 am looking for a half-brother born 1969/1970 in Columbia S.C. at Baptist hospital. The adoption attorney was Ronald or Donald Aaron.
1970/1971 I'm looking for a half brother born near or on the naval base in charleston. I believe he was given the name Marty. He was born in 1970 or 1971.
2/9/1970 Female Charleston

I am a half sibling in search of a female adoptee that was handled through the SC Bureau of Children. The name given at birth was Jennifer Lee . The child was possibly born in Augusta, Georgia or Columbia, SC. The birth mother was 19. Case worker was a Ms. Schomberg.

3/30/1970 Female  Adoptee born in Greenville,South Carolina searching for Birthfather. He lived in Rome, Ga  at the time of birth/adoption.
3/20/1970 Female Adoptee born on or around March 20, 1970. At Shaw AFB. Looking for any birth family
4/30/1970 birth mother was sue decamp I was born in Augusta ga but adopted in s.c. adopted mother Marianne luckey. sue was from aiken sc at that time.
6/12/1970 male/Sumter -  Baby Trey
5/23/1970 Twins (male/female) Searching for birth mother -  born Baptist Hospital in Columbia, SC.   We were adopted together - attorney ? Dallas Ball - Need medical history for our daughter that has had surgery.   Thanks.......

Chester sc county hospital where my mother named me jimmie lou and left me there she was 31 at the time she was born 1939 had a twin sister my dad was 22 and he was born 1948 she had 7 other children before me a boy born 1958 and was adopted by his great grandparents a girl born 1959 -a girl born 1960- a boy born 1962- a boy born 1963-a boy born 1965-a girl born 1966 and i was born 1970 i think 6 of them were living with there father he got custody after him and my mother separation nov 1967 he was awarded custody in 1968 of the six children.then she was with my father which he left her when he found out she was pregnant with me. i know its a long shot but really like to meet my siblings

7/9/1970 looking for my brother who was born at oconee county memorail hospital in seneca,sc on july 9 1970 his mother's name is cheryl dianne walker of westminster,sc. Please contact us
6/27/1970 Searching for BM & BF - Born in 6/70 in Walterboro, SC. Delivered by Dr. Fender. Adoption handled by SC DSS which was finalized in 10/70.  I would like to have answers to the questions that my two wonderful girls ask me in regards to my BM & BF.
6/30/1970 Female/Born at MUSC and adopted from The Children's Bureau of South Carolina in October 1970.
8/15/1970 Son searching for birth mother or birth father, born at St Francis Hospital in Charleston SC on 8-15-1970
9/29/1970 male/Medical University of South Carolina, sent to Wilmington, NC to be adopted. Mother junior in high school, father first year of college studying oceanography. Grandparents part owner in beverage company.
11/14/1970 Bm searching for male child born in Charleston, SC at Medical College. at Florence Crittendon home until delivery and sent home EMPTY after a brief recovery. I need to know my first born is safe and hope he will forgive me. Please help.
12/16/1970 Birth Aunt searching for nephew born Kenneth Wayne Dunnaway 12/16/1970 in Union S.C.  Birth Mother is terminally Ill - desperately need to locate "Kenny".
12/17/1970 12/17/1970/f/Charleston medical university hospital need medical history. 2 year old has sever scoliosis. 9 year old has learning disability and speech impairment. 5 year old speech impairment
4/?/1971 ISO B.Family-Born at st.francise Xavier hospital in Charleston S.C.in April of 1971. I was 2 days old when I was adopted and my adopted parents names was Cecil & Dorothy Kelley I was told my Mother was 16 & my father was a merchant marine who came to Charleston on a ship. The doctor who delivered me was Dr.Boensch and his brother was the attorney who handled the adoption and his name was A Cranny Cranwell Boensch out of Walterboro S.C
5/11/1971 BM searching for female adoptee born in Columbia at Baptist Hospital
5/26/1971 Female Searching for Birth Family - adoptee born in S.C.
8/6/1971 in search of birth mother, father,or siblings, born in St Francis Hosp. Aug 6,1971. adoptive parents names helen and larry simoneaux. birth mothers bday is nov 30,1942. born in Charleston SC desperate for info......
9/20/1971 Male, born in Charleston, Naval Hospital, i was given up after birth mother was unable to keep me. desperatly want to find her to fill this void....
10/27/1971 male Charlotte
11/14/71 Reunited Male/Providence Hospital Columbia, SC Birth Mother Searching
12/27/1971 Birth mother was in Florence Crittenton Home, Charleston, S.C. Father owned a Farming Implement Company from somewhere in S.C.  Did not get a name, but was referred to by Baby Lynn by the Social Workers.  Adoption done by Attorney Bernard R. Fielding.  Birth Mother asked that I be placed with a church-going family.  Father was black and mother was white. Believed to be around 18 or 19 years old at the time.  Need health information.  I am married with 4 beautiful children. Adoptive parents are supportive of me in attempting to locate my birth mother.  Please contact me. 
1970/1972 Looking for 2 half sisters born to birth father
Steve J. Matthews. Janie Elizabeth and Sabrina born to different mothers. Janie was born up north in 1966 or 1967.  Sabrina born in South Carolina in 1970-1972. My birth mother is Linda Mahaffey in Simpsonville, SC same as Steve. Steve was in the Army. I was born in 1969 in Charleston, SC.  Please contact me if you think you have any info for me. Thanks Tami
1/5/1972 Male - possibly born in Horry Co, SC - name Baby Jay - searching for birth mother
5/31/1972 I am 31 years old and searching for my family in Greenville South Carolina. I was born 5/31/1972 In Greenville South Carolina
5/31/1973 BM looking desperately for son born 5/31/73 in Charlestonn, SC. Name given at birth, Britt Gordon. BM was in Florence Crittendon Home for unwed mothers. Ficticious name of BM was Bobbi Givens. Mrs. Leopold was caseworker from  SC Dept. of SS. Just want to tell you that I love you
6/6/1972 I am a White Female searching for my birth parents. I was born at 12:01am at Charleston Medical University. My birth mother was sent to a all womens home during pregnancy. Possible could be the one in Florance, not sure? I was adopted at 7 weeks through Social Services in Greenville SC
6/6/1972 Female -  Im looking for my birth mom. I was born in Charleston SC. Im thinking my mom was sent away to
have me. I was adopted to a great family in   Greenville SC. Please if you know that women that gave me up for adoption. Just a few days after I was born . My birth name was Angel
8/1/1972 Reunited w/BM - still searching for B/F baby girl born in Charleston, adopted and moved to Washington DC with family. I've had a great life, two girls of my own now. looking for some medical history and to say thank you for what must have been so difficult. I've been thinking of both birth parents.
8/30/1972 born Spartanburg 8-30-72 am searching for birth family, the doctor  T.A. Gailey and i was born at 12:48 a.m.  If anyone has any info. please contact me A.S.A.P.  my adopted parents are both deceased now and i am missing a big part of my life.  Can you help me fill this void? My mother was director of the SC adoption Assc. when i was adopted and now I have no info. of how to find my birth parents. Please help me, I am terminally ill and would like to find them before something happens to me and it is to late.
9/4/1972 Male - Spartanburg, SC born to a large family Have been raised in Nevada.  B/Father - 6 kids on my birth father's side and possibly two sets of twins and a 3 year old B/F was a cook & tailor, BM was a seamstress and weaver.  If you have any info to any blood siblings or b/parents would be greatly appreciated.  Tks, Michael
9/30/1972 Female/ Greenville, S C- I am searching for my birthmother. The adoption attorney was Jack Bloom. Please email
9/30/1972 My name is Amanda and I'm in search of my birth mother or any birth family. I was born in St. Francis Hospital which is in Greenville, SC. I was adopted by a family who lives in NYC. Jack Bloom was the attorney that handled the adoption. If anyone has any information
9/30/1972  Baby girl born 9/30/1972 at St. Francis Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina looking for her birth mother and any birthfamily. Jack Bloom was the lawyer that handled the adoption. please email with any information
10/29/1972 male/Charlotte, NC / S C adoption/ Charlotte, Florence Crittenton late August - early November 1972.
10/31/1972 baby boy born at MUSC in Charleston SC on 10/31/1972. Mother whose last name may have been Vaughn stayed at Florence Crittendon in Charleston for a few months until I was born. BM was very introspective but was well liked by others at FC. Had blondish-brown hair and i believe hazel eyes. Non-ID noted she had a very round but pretty face. I was adopted in December of 72. Childrens bureau handled closed adoption, doesn't exist anymore and SCDSS has records. Non - id indicates BM has 1 older and 2-3 younger brothers. BM approximately 18 y/o and was living with her mother, step father and younger brothers. Males in family seem to be into mechanics of some sorts and BM & MGM seemed to work in a clothing or textile plant doing some type of sewing.
11/1972 Charleston
12/30/1972 ISO half Brother.  Adopted to a family living in Sumter, SC.  Owned and ran Jordan Plumbing.
01/09/1973 female, charlotte memorial, charlotte nc
Nov 1973 birth sibling in search of brother. he was born on Shaw air force base in Sumter S C in Nov 1973 his mothers name was Cynthia Lorraine Smith at time of birth she was 15 years old
5/11/1974 M Spartanburg
5/12/1974 M Spartanburg
6/19/1974 Female/Hartsville searching for my birth mother. I just had a baby and would like to know medical history. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage due to medical problems and if I have more children I want to know what I will face. I also want to be aware of problems that my son may face.  I was born in Darlington County to a 24 year old woman that was divorced. She had one child before me that was also adopted.  Thanks  
7/4/1974 am searching for my half brother, born Jesse Bill Ellis on July 4, 1974. Thanks, Melinda Elaine Ellis Beard
10/7/1974  b-mom and trying hard to locate my daughter that i was made to give up for adoption. her b-date is 10-7-1974 i was in Florence Crittendon home at the time. need to find her to let her know i love her and have never forgotten her at all .this place i was at was in Charleston S.C. anything sound familiar please contact me a.s.a.p. sincerely Debbie
12/21/1974 I was born in Greer, SC in Allen Bennett Memorial 6 weeks premature.  I have a 1/2 brother that is about 4 yrs. older than me.  My mom was 25 at the time of my birth and my father was 19.  Mom was a waitress and dad was a sophomore in college.  I think my dad might have been from Florida, but not positive.  My had a two years of college herself.  I was adopted by the Clark's which my parents supposedly met when they gave me up.  Mom and Dad weren't married, but had plans to in the future.  My legal father signed off on my adoption according to my papers I have.  Mom and Dad had been dating for about 18 months also and Mom was separated from my legal father.  Thanks and God Bless.
3/17/1975 MUSC in Charleston; I am female; birth name was Stephanie Nichole.  Mother was also adopted and born on 9/3/56.  Lived in Bluffton, SC.  I am bi-racial..mother is caucasian and father is black.  Mother stayed at the Florence Crittendon Home from February '75 to DOB.
6/11/1975 I am interested in finding my bmom.  I would at the very least know w medical history, as I have a child myself.  I was told my birth name was Amanda and I was born in Charleston.  I was also told my bmom was only 14.  Please contact me if you might be able to help!
6/14/1975 ISO BIRTH MOM  Female born 6/14/1975 at Lexington county hospital...or Columbia area.  been told only that my birth name was Carol and  bmom was about 19. I have children and would like to at least get a medical history.
10/1975 In search of my nephew born in Charleston, in Oct 1975. Mother was age 17 at birth and was at Florence Crittenton. Last name Harrison.
3/24/1976 Looking birth mother or siblings. I was born in Charleston, SC. My mother was in a home for unwed mothers. Florence Crittendon Home - Born March 24, 1976. First name was Lynn or Jodi before adoption. I believe I might be a twin or even one of triplets. I think I have a sibling that was born on the night of the 23rd. I was born shortly after on the 24th. Please contact the web master of this site if you have any information.
4/21/1976 I HAD A SON ON APRIL 21, 1976 IN FLORENCE, SC
9/19/1976 looking for bd born 9-19-76 St. Francis Hospital
10/10/1976 I was born October 10th 1976, in Byrnes clinic state hospital, Richland County, Columbia, SC.   It was a private
9/8/1977 Female born in  Charleston (current name: Maryanne Brown Campbell, former name - Ann Joy - Looking for biological mother/father 
10/1977 Birth Mother searching for son born October 1977 at Tuomey Hospital in Sumter, SC - private adoption
6/25/1978 I am looking for a son I put up for adoption June 27,1978. He was  born in Columbia SC on June 25,1978 at around 9 in the morning. would love for you to contact me. You have three sisters, a niece, a nephew and another on the way.
8/15/1978 I am looking for a Grandson, that was born at Tuomey Hospital in Sumter SC,  in the afternoon, on 15 Aug 1978.  The adoption Atty was Wm  Durant
10/7/1978 Black male adoptee looking for birth parents. I was born in Charleston, SC 10/7/1978. My birth parents were too young to care for me. My adopted parents are from Manning, SC-Loretta & Raleigh King, Jr.
12/15/1978 Looking for birthparents, baby boy born 12/15/78 in Mecklenburg County as Baby Chris and adopted 1/15/79 in Columbia, SC
2/27/1979 I am in search of my birth mother and father.  Born in Gastonia NC under the name Baby Girl Ann.
Adopted in SC in May 79'
5/29/1979 Female/Charleston
10/21/1979 Male born in spartanburg,sc. i think the attonerys names were stodder, stodder & moore. i think my grandma called dss & i was placed in a foster home, my birth mom had the right to visit me supervised i think. she also had an girl who was older, she got to keep her. my father was going to prison & was forced to give up his rights are so i was told. i think my name could have been timothy bradley stacy/stacey?? not sure was also told my birth mom was a runaway from fl. any info i'd be thankful
1980 Births 1980's
4/10/1980 M Sumter SC Tuomey Hospital
5/10/1980 Female Anderson Hospital, Anderson, SC
Would like to meet, if possible. I have thought of her always. Birth Mother Searching
8/9/1980 male was born in Florence, SC on 8/9/1980 at McCleod Hospital.  Adoption Lawyer was Richard Strobil. Mother was a single mom of a little girl at the time, was suppose to be living with family.  
5/28/1981 born Baby Girl Dove. According to the files my parents gave me my birthmother was Peggy Dove and my birthfather was Don Carter Sr and was held in contempt of court. I believe my adoption was private. Any information would be appreciated.
7/24/1981 At Anderson Memorial Hospital. Birth mother was a 21 year old records clerk at a local Sheriff's office had 2 other children at the time of my birth. Grandmother (bm's mother) was a spinner and grandfather (bm's father) a self employed mechanic.  If you know of anyone that may fit this description, please contact me ASAP 
11/14/1981 BS DOB 11/14/81 at MUSC in Charleston
8/19/1981 BM iso BD born Georgetown SC
1982 BM looking for information regarding my son. was put up for adoption from Aiken SC -Stanley Michelman handled all the arrangments/paperwork/etc. son was adopted into a family in upper New York State by a physician and his r.n. wife. they has two children already when they adopted my son, or so i was told by Michelman. Birth Son may have blonde hair, blue eyes, and perhaps rather tall.
1/2/1982 Female Tuomey Hospital Looking for BM
1/31/1982 Male/Lexington SC looking for birth mother or any other relatives. just want to know who I am and where I come from.
 6/3/1982 Female/born in Columbia, SC. About to be 23 years old. Looking for my birth parents, Mark and Jelled Knake. I was born Baby Knake and adopted to the Carol family. E-mail
7/21/1982 Female, Beaufort, I was adopted right after I was born. I have no information at all about birthparents, just names. Catherine and David. I just would like some medical background information and things of that nature.
10/05/1982  b boy born 10-05-1982 in Darlington sc. I have been told my birthmother was 18 at the time. I have also been told I might have been born in a maternity home and possibly a c-section birth. My birthmother left me a embroidered picture that says: "for this child I prayed". I am interested in contacting my BM any information will be appreciated email
10/30/1982 Brandie Marie Head born 10/30/82 in Charleston s.c. birth mother Tammy Scranton Head birth father David Wayne Head both parents are living in Florida & searching

Searching for birth mother and any realtives i was named Misty Danielle and was born at Greenville General Hospital

9/6/1983 I am searching for my birth mother and father or any other relitive. My brother (Jamie DOB:8/6/81) at the time and I (Angel DOB:9/6/83) where put into foster care we lived with Mr.&Mrs. Melvin Poston in Dillon SC At ages 5 and 3 we where adopted and moved to Georgetown SC I was told we lived with my biological grandmother in Dillon SC before we where placed in foster care. I was also told my Birth mother and father willing signed over there rights. I was told we have other sibilings too but not sure if they are alive. If you have any info I would love to hear it . Also our last names at birth where Norton. It is also belived my Birth father and grandfather still live in Dillon sc and work on cars.

I am a bm looking for my son. Born in MUSC. I lived in Florence Crittenton at time of birth. He was born Christopher James Downard. I want to let him know he has a brother (we have been reunited) and a sister ( raised by me). Please forward any information.

2/26/1985 Male born in Charleston - birth name Thomas Hoffman - searching for birth family
3/27/1985 I am searching for my birth daughter born on March 27,1985 in Columbia, SC. Any help would be great! Thank you,
4/12/1985 Searching for biological parents 4/12/85, female. Charleston, SC
5/5/1985 female born Rock Hill SC. Bmom Searching Tender Loving Care Adoption Agency.
5/31/1985 I am looking for my son. He was born on May 31, 1985, in Charleston, South Carolina Thanks for any information
9/11/1985 Female/Charleston SC searching for my birth mother. She is from Boston by was living in South Carolina at the time. Please help me find her
12/2/1985 Birthmom looking for baby girl I named her Tiffany Faith but it was changed at birth you were born in charleston S.C. I moved away after that. You have a brother that would love to meet you I love you so much you never left my thoughts. If it helps I stayed at the Florence Critti home for unwed mothers I was 16. My home town was Ravanel S.C. your birthfather is from around the same area. I don't want interupt your life if you don't want me to. I just want you to know that you are loved.
9/01/1986 M Anderson, SC...I'm looking for my brother who was born at Anderson Memorial Hospital. I think his name is Brandon. No agency was used, only an attorney. Adoptive mother's maiden name was Gillespie. Please contact
6/25/1987 I am a Birth Mother wanting to let my son know its ok to contact me.  He was born Braden Christopher on June 25, 1987 in Charleston South Carolina while I was living at the Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed mothers.
7/11/1987 looking for my son he was born at Spartanburg General Hospital birth name johnny shane moss private adoption in spartanburg i would love so much to find my son i believe his adopted parent lived in boiling springs sc mr james wormack helped in the adoption
10/23/1987 looking for my niece Crystal and my nephew Christopher. They were adopted thru DSS in Greenville
1987/1988 Birth father looking for baby girl born in Myrtle Beach during 1987 or 1988 name at birth, Baby girl Bailey. Private adoption don't have paper work to verify dates. Birth mother from North Carolina.Both birth parents worked for a Scotchman store in Myrtle Beach South Carolina during that time.
1/9/1988 Birth mother searching for male child born in Bennettsville
2/4/1988 Searching for bmom or bdad.  Bmom was 16, blonde hair, blue eyes.  Bdad was 17, brown hair and eyes.  I was born at MUSC in Charleston.
2/10/1988 Born in Greenville, SC and adopted by my parents from Gaffney,SC through Department of social services. I am looking for my biological mother as well father. Don't know anything about him , but I do know my mother was a freshman in college and wanted me to have a better life than what she could've given me at the time. She was single, had strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and so did her parents. When I was born they called me "baby hannah" I don't know if that is known or not. But any information would help.
2/11/1988 looking for my son born in Columbia, sc. He was born with dark brown hair.  His adopted parents were suppose to be living around the Columbia area at the time.
5/23/1988 Partially Reunited - still looking for sister Shynekia 2-13-1992Looking for Estelle Wilson Benge (DOB) 03-06-1969 she is my biological mother.  I have already found my biological father.  Also, looking for my half sister shynekia (DOB)2-13-1992 and my half brother Tommy (DOB)9-11-1993.  They are somewhere in South Carolina.  Possible near North Mrytle Beach.  If anyone has any information Please
6/11/1988 Looking for male. Born in Augusta Georgia .month and date maybe off will update. Family that adopted had home in Bahamas. That they were about to visit
8/29/1988 I am searching for my daughter born in Rock Hill, Augest 29,1988. She will be 19 in just over a month. I am hoping she has my feel for curiosity and is "searching" the web for me. I gave her the name of Sarah Elizabeth Leonhardt at birth. I don't know what it is now. I think of you every day, Sarah. Please see this and find me.
Hello Im Looking for my son he just turned 18
12/18/1988 Looking for Shannon John  at birth - Tender Loving Care (PTL) Rock Hill SC    He is 18 years old.  He was raise in one of the lower SC State.
5/21/1989 Birth mother ISO son, born 5/21/1989 in N Chas SC at Trident Hospital. Was living in Bonneau SC w/ last name of Hood. I think adopted mothers name is Diane and the baby may have been named Edward, maybe but not sure.
5/21/1989 male. Looking for son I had to give up to adoption. Baby was a son born May 21,1989 in N Chas @ Trident Hospital. He was adopted right after birth. I heard son was adopted by people in Bonneau, last name Hood. I don't want to cause trouble just want to know how he is. Please if you can let me know anything I would appreciate it. Rebecca
6/29/1989 please help me find my birth daughter. she was born in Darlington SC. i have another daughter (same father) that really wants to meet her sister. when we find her we can be complete.
12/26/1989 I'm looking for my daughter. She was born on 12/26/1989. Her first name is Lindsey Leanne. 
1990 Births 1990's
10/9/1990 looking for my birth son he was born october 9 1990 I don't know much about the adopted family except they have another adopted son name tyler.my birth son is named Travis and he is biracial.I just want to make sure he's happy and healthy
1/15/1991 Birth Mother is searching for boy born in columbia,
January 15, 1991
4/25/1991 Reunited   looking for my daughter "Jasmine Veronica Patterson. She was born in Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina.
2/13/1992 Partially Reunited - still looking for sister Shynekia 2-13-92Looking for Estelle Wilson Benge (DOB) 03-06-1969 she is my biological mother.  I have already found my biological father.  Also, looking for my half sister shynekia (DOB)2-13-1992 and my half brother Tommy (DOB)9-11-1993.  They are somewhere in South Carolina.  Possible near North Mrytle Beach.  If anyone has any information Please
Unk  Unknown 
  my name is Brian Green i was born in Charleston SC ,i was adopted by Nora and Marty Green .and we lived in va beach va until i was 18 im looking for my mother or aunt. this is all i know. please help me if you can,..
  I am searching for a half sister. I have limited information. Her birth name is Maureen Elizabeth. I assume she was born in the early 1970's, I believe my mother said in May. I have reason to believe she was born in Charleston, or Florence, but exact location is unclear. My mother was young, and got pregnant by a married man.