About Us

Many years ago  I started my search down the long path to the  unknown.   I was scared, frightened and afraid of rejection.  But I knew that I had to have the answers to make my life complete.

I met my birth family and everything went great. There were very few people to share the experience with that really understood what had happened and could understand the feeling or questions.

Worked in Ky starting the first support group and then getting legislation changed over the years. In S. C. feel there is a lot of work to do here also and the registry was a great way to get started by it is not the final answer.

It is important legislation efforts are made to educate lawmakers regarding the needs of the adoption triangle. With S.C. having laws that are not equal to all adoptees and birth parents there is a need to help bring those that are searching together to have their answers.


Starting this registry back in 2001 it now has approx 4,500 entries that have a S C Adoption Connection. Reunions are being made and as you know some registries come and go, but this one is here to stay. If there is a match work is done to contact both parties to bring the reunion together.

Since reuniting with my family have helped reunite more than 5,000 thru the registry and personal individual searches and am a licensed private investigator in Ky and S.C.

The registry is making reunions. but we still need to change the laws.

How can you help? Please submit your thoughts about law change in the blog, sign the petition and volunteer to work with legislation efforts.

Good luck to all that are searching.

Always in search,
Linda C