Adoption Articles

Reunion Registry Article Greenville News - April 2014

Article in Charleston Post Courier - February 2009

Articles written in S.C. papers or that refer to adoptions issues - such as attorneys/agencies, etc

S. C. Children's Bureau Relationships

S.C. Is the Nation's Baby Buying Supermarket     (Attorneys mentioned: Stanley Michelman, Seymour Kurtz, and  David K Levitt)

South Carolina's Lenient Laws have made it the “Birthing Capital”  for the Nation's Quickie Adoption Services

Newborn Fever

Adoption Umbilical    ( New York lawyer Stanley Michelman and Charleston lawyer Thomas Pinckney Lowndes, Jr.—an association that has bolstered the state’s national reputation as an easy place to get a child - Michelman now disbarred)

Meet Seymour Kurtz

Friends of Children and The Children's Bureau (Seymour Kurtz)

Update on Kurtz

Sealed Adoption Records and the Search for Identity

Kurtz - 1960 to today

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